Two blogs in one day... give me something to do when I am sick mom!!

Have you ever felt like drama just never stayed away from you? "Yep that sure is me.."
I just heard you say that. That's okay, it's me too. You know you get on Dramabook (Facebook) and constantly post what is on your mind.
"Jane Doe: Why must she be sooo ratchet?"
I am that way, and it causes soo much crap. I don't know why I do it.
Do I feel like I need to be heard? All 1043 of my friends need to know what I think of one person? Wow I am nice... Not.
And then I complain I have all this drama, well damn I wonder why.
I recently just got Facebook back after a year. It was taken by my Step Julie (step mom) for no real reason, she changed my password and never gave it to my mom or dad, she just locked me out, and talked to all my friends, and stupid crap, started more drama.
But when I got it back my weight had been up back on. So should I delete any or all of my social networking sites?

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