So I get home from school, and my little sister got a bike. I told my mom I would stand outside with her. Well a bunch of volleyball girls live in my area. I mean a bunch! A butt load! An emence number! Just too many to count.
Anywho! They don't like me. They never have, I am not like them. They are rude and assertive and just absolutely and bunch of bitches. Yes, I used to play volleyball.
The point is, they were all meeting at a girls house 3 doors down from me.
My sister was in the street with her bike, and so was my poor old dog thats like 12. Bitch wouldn't slow down till I got in the road and she sure as darn was not going speed limit.
And then she freaking glared at me the rest of the time, I stuck my arms out and I yelled "Really? Slow the $&@! down!"
I don't know. Erks me.

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